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Washington Diary: Fiesta Bowl razzing

Five-star defensive end R.J. Washington of Keller (Texas) Fossil Ridge has agreed to do a diary for Rivals.com about his experiences leading up to and following the U.S. Army All-American Bowl. The game will be played at 1 p.m. EST on Jan. 5 and broadcasted live on NBC. Players reported to San Antonio on Sunday, and they began practices on Monday. Washington will share his thoughts from San Antonio with Rivals.com each day.
I was watching the Fiesta Bowl with Stephen Good for a little bit. I had my OU hat on, my OU shirt and my OU slippers on. When the game started going on I was getting bogged. The funny thing was the UT people weren't even saying anything, it was everybody else. They were asking 'Are you decommitting?' I'm not going to decommit because they lost one game. Everybody gets smacked every once in awhile. USC got smacked by Stanford, I mean come on.
Sometimes everybody makes mistakes and you can't be expected to win every game. West Virginia, it looked like they had a good game plan, they were ready and it looked like they just wanted it more than Oklahoma. Oklahoma looked a little unfocused. It was probably just a lot of little things that added up to big things in that game.
Today has been just another day. In practice coach got a little mad because guys were jerking around. Other than that, everything was the same. Practice looked good today. All of our defense and offense players knew what they were doing, so we're coming together as a team and that's always good.
We were all pretty tired today. It's one of those things like in spring ball when you haven't played football in so long and those first weeks you're all hyped and everything's magnified. Then as the weeks go on, you're like 'Man, I'm tired of this.' It looked like everybody knew what they were doing, they just didn't want to do it.
Even in warm-ups everybody was dead and I'm not used to two-a-days either. I've never had one and it was weird at first to get used to it. We have a day of rest tomorrow so everybody will come back and play the best game of our lives.
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