Warren Harding loaded again in 2010

Warren (Ohio) Harding High School has produced some exceptional talent in the last decade, including running backs Daniel Herron and Maurice Clarett (Ohio State), wide receiver Mario Manningham (Michigan) and cornerback Chris L. Rucker (Michigan State).
Maybe most impressive, however, is the sheer number of Raiders who have signed with Division 1 schools in the last decade, and 2010 will feature another deep and talented class at Harding.
The list of potential Division 1 prospects at Harding in the 2010 class are quarterback Jordan Miller, wide receiver D.J. Williamson, defensive linemen O'Neal Brown and Santiago Mason and linebackers Lewellyn Coker, Davion Rogers and Mike Dorsey.

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Early in the process, the 6-2, 195-pound Dorsey and the 6-6, 210-pound Rogers have received the most attention from college coaches. Williamson, a 6-1, 172-pound receiver with 4.4 speed is also getting several looks. Head coach D.J. Dota talked in depth about the attention Dorsey and Rogers have received at this stage.
"To this point, (teams) that are expressing interest in (Dorsey) are West Virginia, Michigan State, Northwestern, he's already been offered by Akron and most of the MAC schools like Toledo and Kent State are trying to get him up for a Junior Day. All of those (teams) feel pretty good about him, they just haven't fully given an (offer) yet, but they're saying it is just a matter of time.
"For him, hopefully it's a matter of time (before more offers come) and if it isn't then there should be something by next football season. Mike's just kind of laid back, will let it go and see what happens. I don't think he has a preference (on schools) at all to this point.
"(Rogers) is the same type of deal. He's been offered by Michigan State and West Virginia to this point. He's being looked at by the Big Ten and teams are expressing interest in the MAC, but those two teams have moved on him right out of the gate. I think he's sitting back, but I think also he is grateful that teams have looked at him on that level."
Rogers is listed as a defensive end, while Dorsey is listed as a safety, but Coach Dota sees both prospects most likely as linebackers at the college level.
"I see (Dorsey) more as a linebacker-type," Coach Dota confirmed. "Could he play safety? I'm sure he could, depending on what type of defense he played in. If he played in a 3-3-5 stack, he could play safety. In a 4-3 or 3-4 he's probably going to be a linebacker type, but he has the ability to be any one.
"I think (Rogers) is a linebacker. He has the same type of body as Mike. In some defenses he is going to be a linebacker and in some defenses he's going to be some type of safety. He probably could play a defensive end position, but I think linebacker suits him well because of his athletic ability."
At this stage of the process, the majority of Coach Dota's Division 1 caliber prospects have not begun to get out and see schools yet, but that could start in the next few months.
"A lot of those guys are doing indoor track, so it is hard to work around their schedule at this point," Coach Dota said. "They probably won't outdoor track, so I think those guys are going to get a lot of invitations, it's just a matter of which ones they pick and choose to go to for Junior Days."