Wariboko taking trips and cutting list

Josh Wariboko is serious about the whole family-first mantra. That's been obvious for a while. The No. 83 prospect in the class of 2015, the four-star offensive guard is looking out for his class-of-2016 brother.
It's not that his commitment is totally contingent on offers for the younger Max Wariboko, a defensive back, but offering both members of the duo certainly won't hurt a school's chances of landing them. Neither Josh nor Max calls it a "package deal", but it sure sounds like one.
"It's a priority," Josh Wariboko said. "The schools that have offered both me and my brother separate themselves from the pack for sure."
It's why UCLA and Louisville have Josh Wariboko's full attention. It's also part of why a summer visit to California has already been scheduled.
"I know I'll be at UCLA, like, June 13," Josh Wariboko said. "After that, thought, I don't know. That's the only thing I have set so far. I'll be visiting there on the 13th. My brother is going with me, I think.
"I grew up always liking UCLA. When I was in middle school, that was, like, my dream school. A lot of that coaching staff have been in the league or coached in the league. They're going in a real good direction."
Though other travel plans are not yet set in stone, Josh Wariboko has other destinations in mind. At this point, he's focused on the process of sorting out details.
"I know I'm going to get back out to Texas A&M," he said. "I want to see Tennessee and Ohio State, too. I just have to talk to my family more about trying to take those trips."
It won't be long until Wariboko's 22 scholarship offers are trimmed to a more manageable number following the spring evaluation period. Schools such as UCLA and Louisville, which have also offered his brother, are a solid bet to make the cut. Texas A&M and Ohio State, to which Wariboko has taken a shine, have to like their chances to slide through as well.
Wariboko verbally committed to Oklahoma in June of 2013 before breaking that commitment last month.