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Wariboko sees new suitors emerge

Max Wariboko's options have remained unchanged for some time. The call-of-2016 defensive back holds the same three scholarship offers he has for some time. UCLA is accounted for. As are Louisville and Tulsa. As his junior season approaches, though, new schools are kicking the tires on his recruitment.
The offers may have paused, but the interest is building.
"I have some new schools getting really interested," Wariboko said. "Kansas State is talking to me now. Oregon State and Texas Tech are interested now, too."
Asked which school new to his recruitment stands out so far, Wariboko has an answer. It might be the relative proximity to his Oklahoma City-based family home or the program's recent success that has his interest piqued. Whatever the case, there's something to it.
"K-State probably stands out the most," Wariboko said. "I didn't expect them even send anything or talk to me. I like K-State. The cornerbacks coach from Texas Tech is cool, and he says he likes me a lot. So I'm hoping to get an offer from them."
Wariboko mentions UCLA and its coastal location when asked to name a favorite in his recruitment but recants quickly and says that while the school has perks, he isn't ready to name the Bruins as his frontrunner.
Wariboko's recruitment is nuanced, you see. This is more than a one-man show. His class-of-2015 brother, Rivals100 offensive lineman Josh Wariboko will also factor into the decision.
"The option to play together is always there," Max Wariboko said. "We want to go together for sure. But, if for some reason it doesn't happen, we aren't going to be far away from each other. Having family with you at the same school is important. You can't beat that."
The only visit on Max Wariboko's visit schedule is Louisville, which he intends to tour before the start of his junior season at Oklahoma City's Casady School. He will add other trips as necessary this fall.