Ware left speechless with All-American honor

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CINCINNATI - On the football field Spencer Ware makes a big impact. Off the field he is a quiet young man who doesn't try to draw attention to himself. Upon receiving his U.S. Army All-American jersey on Friday, the Cincinnati Princeton star was simply speechless.
Ware first burst onto the scene as a freshman playing in one of Ohio's best leagues at the highest level of competition that the state has to offer. From that point on he has never looked back, and now his career has been capped off by being named a U.S. Army All-American. An honor that left him searching for words to describe.
"I am all out of words," Ware said. "Right now the only thing left for me to do is to soak it up."
Having the opportunity to participate on high school football's brightest stage is something that Ware has looked forward to his entire career. Now that dream will become a reality.
"It is just something you get excited for," explained Ware. "Not everyone gets this opportunity and I am blessed to have this chance. Watching the game you just picture yourself playing in the game one day. It is just overwhelming."
While Ware knows he will have a role in San Antonio, he isn't sure exactly what the role will be. The 5-foot-11, 220-pound Ware made a name for himself as a quarterback during the high school year, but during the game he could line up just about anywhere.
"Honestly I don't even know," said Ware when asked where he will play during the game. "I just know that I got accepted to the game as an athlete. I wouldn't be surprised if I was on defense, on special teams as a returner, or even on offense."
The reason why Ware could play anywhere on the field is because of the versatility he shows during the year. So far this season Ware has thrown for 829 yards, rushed for 684 yards, intercepted a pass and even caught a pass in only seven games.
Ware missed the first two games due to an injury, but thinks he has had a solid senior season leading up to the U.S. Army game.
"I'm on my way back to 100 percent," Ware said. "I am still working to get there. This season hasn't gone how I wanted it to go, but I think I have shown a lot of leadership as a senior. I am just proud of myself that I can give back to my underclassmen, and also show a commitment to my fellow seniors."
Ware committed to the LSU Tigers early on in the process, and for a prospect from Ohio, it gives him an added opportunity to get to know his future teammates, most of whom come from a different part of the country.
"It is always nice to meet new people," said Ware of being able to get to know his future LSU Tiger classmates. "When I went down there I met a few of them and we got along great. We all look each other up online, so we are familiar with each other, but it should be real cool to hang out and get to know those guys."