Walsh is ready for Georgia

LAS VEGAS - During the Fifth Annual National Kicking and Snapping Spring Event this past weekend in Las Vegas, Georgia commit, kicker Blair Walsh said confidently that nothing is going to change his pledge.
There were several factors why Georgia received his commitment in March and those factors remain the same today as to why Walsh is as solid as a rock. After competing at the camp, the 5-foot-10, 163-pounder broke down what's been happening lately.
"You still get a lot of pressure, but I'm committed to Georgia and I'm happy with where I am," Walsh said. "You still have schools coming after you, but when I went up there and visited, it was just the whole program that I liked. It's everything about the school.

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"From the way they treat the players, the family aspect, all of it was a perfect fit for me. Plus I can compete for the job as a freshman and you can't ask for anything better than that."
Walsh received one scholarship offer before his commitment to Georgia from West Virginia. After his pledge, Maryland and Central Florida added their offers. Florida and Alabama continue to show interest.
It's not changing his mind on heading to Georgia next year.
"I'm solid and there is no way I'm wavering," Walsh said. "I tell the schools that keep recruiting me that it's flattering and it's nice of them to do it, but they don't need to waste their time because I'm committed."
"There are tons of reasons to keep coming back," Walsh said. "This is the best in the country by far. Chris Sailer was the reason for getting my name out there. He teaches the best mechanics, he's involved in it, this is his life, and this is just the best (camp) going out there – no doubt about it."