Waller throws for major programs

Travis Waller has had a fantastic spring, he's worked on his mechanics and now major programs from across the country are showing interest in the Anaheim (Calif.) Servite quarterback.
Alabama and Oregon stopped by his school on Monday and both said positive things as his recruitment continues to pick up. Other powerhouses are expected in this week and next as Servite starts spring practice.
"Alabama said they saw my tape before and they saw my mechanics were a little bit off but when they saw me throw in person they said definitely the mechanics changed a lot, the ball comes out a lot faster and they could see a dramatic change in my game," Waller said.
"Oregon basically said the same thing. When they first came out my mechanics were off a little bit but when they saw me the second time it was better than before, I was more accurate and the ball is coming out a lot faster. There was a lot of positive feedback."
Both programs seemed impressed with Waller, who was outstanding at the RCS Southern California and the Pylon Sports 7on7 in Las Vegas. Offers were not discussed but the Servite quarterback said he did receive positive feedback from both teams.
"Coach (Lane) Kiffin came out and he wants to send the video over to (Nick) Saban as quickly as possible," Waller said. "I'm calling coach (Scott) Frost (from Oregon) later this week and we're going to discuss more. He's going back to Oregon and he's going to talk to coach (Mark) Helfrich."
So far, Waller has been offered by Arizona, BYU, Cal, Colorado, Ole Miss, Northwestern, Penn State, Tennessee, Utah, Vanderbilt and Washington.
Some more big-time programs are coming out soon.
"Ohio State is starting to talk to me a lot more," Waller said. "I know they're coming by next week. Texas A&M I've been talking to them once or twice a week and they're coming (Tuesday). Those are the ones I know for sure that are coming by.
"It's too fluid (for a frontrunner). A lot can happen and a lot is going on right now. It's too soon to pick favorites."