Wallace talks officials

Cornerback A.J. Wallace recently scheduled his first two official visits with Nebraska on October 28th and Ohio State on September 9th. What made the 6-foot-1, 195-pounder decide to schedule those schools and who is in the running for his other three visits?
"They were the first two schools that popped in my head and I had the most fun there I guess," he said. "I have a lot of opportunity to get on the field early at Nebraska and they need cornerbacks. Ohio State is the same situation and I can make an impact early and get to meet one of my favorite players Ted Ginn."
Obviously, the Pomfret (Md.) McDonough prospect wants to get on the field his freshman year.
"Most of the schools have said I can have a chance to play as a freshman," he said. "I should be able to at least get in the two-deep rotation. More than half of them have also talked about me playing both ways. That interests me even more because it'll give me more of a chance to showcase my skills and I do kind of like those schools a little more."
Nebraska, Ohio State, Florida State, Florida, Michigan and LSU have all mentioned that the Rivals 100 prospect can play both ways.
The No. 63 player in the country announced which schools are still in the running for his other three officials.
"It's probably between Florida, Florida State, Oklahoma, Michigan, LSU and Miami," he said. "I'm going to try to get the rest of them in the same time period as the first two and squeeze them in as close together so it'll be easier to compare them."
What is the No. 3 cornerback in the country looking for on his officials?
"I'm just going to be looking for the fan support and I want to see how the game goes," he said. "During the game I'm going to see how many different corners they get in the game and how many are on the field at a time."
With him attempting to complete his officials by early November, when is a decision likely?
"A decision will probably come around January," he said. "I don't know exactly right now, but it'll be awhile."
One school that continuously makes Wallace's list is LSU.
"LSU is a good school and I'm taking a hard look at them," he said. "They've got some corners leaving and there's going to be a really high opportunity to play there. I've talked to coach Mallory and he needs some big corners like me."
With a good handful of schools in his favorites, are there any others that could jump into the mix?
"Virginia Tech has been showing a lot more interest recently along with Texas," he said. "I've talked to coach Ball before at Tech, but I don't really have any relationship with the coaches at Texas. I'll probably look at them more if I get a chance to talk to them and see what they're like."
The four-star prospect is preparing for a big season ahead.
"I'm really excited for this season," he mentioned. "This probably will be my best year and I'll be able to focus more which is good. I'm just looking to make all-metro and all-conference. I'm also going to try to play in the U.S. All-American game if the opportunity presents itself.
"Most of this team is young, but our team is coming together pretty good. Our team camp is coming up and that is when everyone comes together and bonds."
Wallace was named all-conference, all-big school and honorable mention all-metro after accounting for nearly 1,600 yards of offense and 26 total touchdowns. He added 68 tackles, one sack, two interceptions and 10 broken passes on defense.
Wallace is a solid student too with an impressive 3.2 GPA and 21 ACT.