Wallace plans No. 3

Pomfret (Md.) McDonough four-star cornerback A.J. Wallace is preparing for his upcoming visit to Ohio State this weekend when they face Texas. What is the 6-foot-1, 195-pounder thinking heading into the trip?
"I'm really excited about the visit and I'm going to just be focusing on my game Friday and then my ears and eyes are on Ohio State," he said. "I'm looking to have fun up there and I'd like to talk with coach Tressel. I'm hoping to just hear what they are saying and I'm hoping they come up with the W. I'll probably pay attention to the defense mostly."
Wallace has scheduled his third official visit to Florida State on Oct. 1 when they play Syracuse.
"They are really catching my eye and I just want to go down there and see what the atmosphere is like," he said. "I've been talking to coach Lilly and they told me how they got their No. 1 safety Myron Rolle and it would be a great bonus if they could get their No. 1 cornerback. It surprised me that I'm their cornerback and I thought about how great a defensive backfield we could have, we could be the best in the country."
Wallace noticed a handful of games last weekend.
"The Ohio State game was pretty impressive and they have a strong defense too, they swarm to the ball," he said. "The Florida State-Miami game was great, two closely matched teams. I didn't get to watch the Nebraska game, but I know they won so they did something right."
What is the No. 61 player in the country's thoughts on Oklahoma's loss?
"That came as a big surprise to me and I thought they'd come in and use Adrian Peterson a lot in the endzone," he said. "It just shows any team can be beat at any time. I'll probably be looking at them really closely the rest of the season."
Wallace has received calls from many of the most prestigious schools in the country over the past week too.
"I've gotten calls from Ohio State, Nebraska, Florida, Miami, Florida State and Penn State," he said. "They are all seeing what's going on and making sure I catch their games on television."
The No. 3 cornerback in the country still hears a lot from LSU.
"I'm waiting to hear about everything down there from them in relation to the tragedy," he said. "It doesn't really affect me and I'll wait and see if I'll be able to go down there for a visit. I'm still holding out a possible visit to potentially see them. I know they're busy and they still send mail and handwritten communication which is good. It shows their committed and doing the best they can."
LSU along with Florida, Oklahoma and Miami are battling for Wallace's last two official visits.
Wallace and his team kick off the season Friday against St. Paul.
"I still feel like I have something to prove and I've got to work hard to try to win the state championship," he said. "I'm hoping this year to be the offensive and defensive player of the year. I think our team is coming together and we've learned from our mistakes."
Wallace accounted for nearly 1,600 yards of offense and 26 touchdowns. He added 68 tackles, one sack, two interceptions and 10 deflections on defense as he was named all-conference, all-big school and honorable mention all-metro.