Wallace is back in action

After missing much of 2011, LaQuintas Wallace is back in action.
The 5-10.5, 215-pound Tyler (Texas) Lee running back announced his return with 21 carries for 124 yards and two TDs in a Week 0 35-34 overtime loss to Sulphur Springs. He would have preferred a win, but knew he was on the right track.
"It was kind of shaky," Wallace said. "It was the first game of the season and you're still shaky because it's the first game of the season."

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He then showed to everyone, including himself, he could kick it up a notch by running away from the Lufkin defense for a 70-yard touchdown in Week 1. However, he knows there is more to come.
"It feels pretty good," Wallace said. "I'm trying to get back in rhythm and get that touch back.
Wyoming and Louisiana Tech are the first on the board with scholarship offers, and he appreciates their interest, but he also hopes to attract the attention of other programs with his play in 2012.
"I have to start the season off and do well. The offers I have right now are Louisiana Tech and Wyoming. They're pretty good offers," Wallace said. "Right now I'm trying to play it out and stay cool, calm, and collected, and finish this season out. I'm trying to go full tilt.
"We lost three games but we're still trying to fight and trying to overcome. We're taking it one step at a time."
TCU and Oklahoma are two schools who have been keeping an eye on Wallace. Both programs came by in the spring and Wallace attended camps for both. As the 2012 season begins he hopes to hear more.
"They personally came to the school and asked for film," Wallace said. "I've been trying to succeed and look good and hopefully they throw out an offer if I keep doing well."
He does not have any visits scheduled, but one program has already made a strong impression on him with their recruiting efforts.
"To be honest TCU is on me real hard. I guess I have to prove to them and I have to go hard every game and every play I touch the ball or every play I'm not touching the ball, blocking-wise and fake-wise. I have to prove to them I can play ball. That's all."
Wallace is focused on doing just that, as well as making sure he has his work in the classroom covered.
Last fall was tough, but he is thankful to be back in action.
"I won't say I was heartbroken, but it is what it is," Wallace said. "I had to sit the season out and it hurt me, but I'm glad I have this season."