Walker wants to leave the state

OLIVE BRANCH, Miss. - When you're one of the top players in the country and you're on a team with five other Division I prospects, there are going to be a lot of eyes on you. That is exactly what Allen Walker is experiencing and he's just fine with that.
"The pressure doesn't bother me," Walker said. "I know that I have a target on my back. Every defensive back that I go up against is going to play their hardest. They are going to want to say that they shut me down or whatever. I figure I will get double teamed a lot, but that leaves one of the other guys uncovered so that is fine with me and if helps the team then it's a good thing."
The 6-foot-2, 200-pound Walker is ranked as the nation's No. 53 player in the country and the No. 2 player in Mississppi by Rivals.com. He has offers from across the country, but it's the ones out of state that has him intrigued.

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"I'd say the schools that I'm looking at the hardest right now are Ole Miss, Auburn, LSU, Florida and Mississippi State," Walker said. "Even though Ole Miss and Mississippi State are in my top five, I have to be honest, I pretty much have my heart set on leaving the state. I want to get out of Mississippi, do something different."
Walker took a minute and broke down each of his favorites for Rivals.com on Friday afternoon.
"Coach Orgeron brings a lot of energy to Ole Miss, he can get people to follow him," Walker said. "I like how coach Croom at Mississippi State shoots straight with you, there is not bull with him. I don't know that much about Auburn right now, but I know they were ranked real high last year."
Walker would not name a favorite, however, when the subjects of LSU and Florida came up his eyes seemed to sparkle and he talked about the two programs at length.
"I visited down at LSU and they have incredible facilities," Walker said. "Not just in athletics, they have amazing stuff for their students. In the study hall they have one on one tutors and stuff. I talked to coach Miles and he was telling me how he wanted me, Anthony and Markeith real bad.
The idea of playing Florida is pretty cool to me. They have been a great program for a long time and Urban Meyer is a great coach. I really like the location. I've heard it's just the bomb down there and the best part is that it's not in Mississippi."