Waco star talking on phone

Waco, Texas, is home to one of the state's best prospects and from looking at the schools that have already called athlete Robert Johnson, it's clear that he's moving up the charts.
"Coach Chambers from Texas called me Sunday night," Johnson said. "He asked me about last Friday's game and wanted me to come down to a game and talk with coach Brown in his office.
"I'm thinking about going down there Saturday. I guess I need to call him back."
Texas isn't the only ones that have called. Johnson said he missed calls from Arkansas, Missouri and Oklahoma.
"I was away, but I saw they called on my caller-id," Johnson, a three-star player, said.
Johnson said his top teams pretty much remain the same - Baylor, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, A&M, Arkansas and Missouri top his list.
He has offers from Baylor, A&M, Arkansas and Missouri.
"I hope to talk to the guys at Oklahoma and Nebraska," he said. "I think they're close to offering me."
In Waco's first game of the season, Johnson was 7 of 10 from his quarterback spot for 110 yards passing and two touchdowns. He also rushed for a score and had 19 yards on the ground. Johnson and Waco face off against Converse Judson on Friday night in San Antonio.