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VTO Camps offer chance for Rivals 3 Stripe invite


VTO, one of the most respected high school football camp operators, has four stops left in its 2018 camp season.

The Qualifier Camp events are designed to give current high school athletes the opportunity to showcase their football skills. Participants will compete against the best athletes in their region.

The Qualifier Camps have two parts — session one is a full combine and session two is a football camp that includes position specific drills, 7-on-7 and 1-on-1 competitions.

Some top performers will earn a spot in a regional Rivals camp. Players can also receive a spot in the VTO Sports Elite 100 Showcase Series.

For more information, and for a schedule to VTO Sports Elite 100 Showcases, see

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April 15


Dr. Henry Wise HS


April 28

Columbus, Ohio

Independence HS


April 29


Pope John Paul II


May 6


Brother Rice HS


VTO Sports Elite 100 Showcases

The VTO Sports Elite 100 Showcases give football prospects the opportunity to display their talents and skills against other elite high school football players from around the region. This is also a great opportunity to get coached by a top-notch staff. Since these events aren't held near upcoming Rivals Camps, no players from these camps earn Rivals invitations.

VTO Sports Elite 100 Showcases

April 21


C.E. King High School


April 22


Colleyville Heritage High School


April 29

Los Angeles

Citrus Community College


May 5


Dr. Henry Wise High School


May 5

Birmingham, Ala.

Carver High School


May 6

Mobile, Ala.

Archbishop Libscome Complex


May 12

Augusta, Ga.

Burke County High School


May 13

Durham, N.C.

Durham County Stadium


May 13


South Cobb High School


May 19

Piscataway, N.J.

Piscataway High School


May 20

Columbus, Ohio

Independence High School


May 26


Brother Rice High School


May 27


Christian Brothers High School




More than 180 athletes participated in the VTO Sports Combine held at Mallard Creek High School on March 18. Several athletes were honored by their outstanding performances in the camp.

All top five players in each position were awarded invites to the VTO Elite Combine later this spring. Ten of those players were awarded invites to the exclusive Rivals 3 Stripe Camp on April 22 in Charlotte at Nations Ford High School. caught up with a few of the top competitors to get their thoughts on the VTO Sports Combine experience: FULL STORY



The Rivals / VTO Sports Qualifier Camp Series were held on March 4 at South Cobb High School in Austell, Ga. The event featured a combine (bench press, vertical jump, 40-yard Dash, short shuttle) and a camp (drills, 7vs7, 1vs1).

There were 10 individuals who qualified to be in the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp presented by adidas at South Cobb High School on April 15. More than 150 athletes were attempting to qualify. Below are the details of the Rivals/VTO Sports Early Qualifier:

Defensive Back, Xavier McKnight, Paul W Bryant High School, 2019: He clocked a 4.49 40-yard dash, 4.38 shuttle, and 15 reps at 185 pounds on the bench. Even more impressive were his cover skills as he continually locked down WRs during 7v7 and 1v1. He said he will be "hard to get away from during Rivals 3 Stripe Camp” next month.

Running Back, Javonta Leatherwood, Central Tuscaloosa High School, 2020: He will get offers after seeing him during one-on-one block drills and one-on-one passing. He would not let the linebackers get through and caught the ball with ease. When asked how he would perform at the Rivals 3 Stripe event: he said he will do what he did at the Rivals VTO Qualifier, performing to the best of his ability.

Quarterback, KaRon Coleman, Green County High School, 2019: At 5-11 he is in the mold of Saints QB Drew Brees. He made every throw and was deadly accurate. He will impress at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp, saying, “it is another camp that I have the opportunity to throw the ball."

Linebacker, Xavier Billingsley, Central High School, 2019: A lean-and-long prospect at 6-1, 195, that will fill out, Xavier is fast. He posted a 4.6 in the 40 and 4.31 in the shuttle. He had the ability to handle RBs during 1v1 running drills, made some impressive moves during the blocking drills and was dynamite during the passing drills. Asked how he would perform at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp he stated simply that he was going to do what he does by playing his hardest.

Wide Receiver, Cameron Kawa, Hillgrove High School, 2020: A very shifty WR playing in the slot. His quickness (4.3 in the shuttle run) surprised a few DBs, as he made some nice grabs during 7v7 and 1v1. He said he paid attention to detail and focused throughout the camp. When asked how he would perform at the Rivals 3 Stripe, he said he would maintain focus by keeping his down and doing his best.

Wide Receiver, Jaden Washington, Hampton High School, 2019: A very smooth WR that is quick (4.2 in the shuttle run), he made some nice moves on the pump-and-go routes that ended in TDs. He said about the Rivals 3 Stripe event, he expects the same outcome as the Rivals VTO Sports Qualifier.

Defensive Line, Thorton Miller, Hueytown High School, 2019: A spark-plug on the defensive line, he was much smaller than the offensive linemen and they could not stop him from getting to the QB. He allowed his height to work in his favor. When asked how he would perform at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp, he said he would allow his size to work to his advantage and "expects to create something special.”

Defensive Line, Brent “BJ” Randolph, Central High School, 2020: He did a tremendous job during 1v1, not losing a repetition. He is very aggressive. When asked how he performed at the Rivals VTO Sports Qualifier he stated that he did well with the stout competition and "expects to do the same at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp.”

Offensive Line, George Jackson, Stepenson High School, 2021: He is 6-5, 330, as a freshman. As he continues to grow into his body and let it work for him, he will be a great prospect. Having said that, he did a tremendous job during 1vs1 making it very difficult for the DL to get to the QB. He wanted to thank his trainers and his father for putting him in this position and said he will play well at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp.

Defensive End, Phillip Hopkins, Robert E Lee High School, 2019: This kid has the body to be explosive. He will make someone an outstanding catch in 2019. He is 6-4, 210 with room to grow into a 270-pounder. He did a tremendous job during the DL’s stunt drills breaking through on every down. When asked how he would perform at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp, he said that he will work hard and attempt to do the things he did at the Rivals VTO Sports Qualifier.

Deserving special mention:

Defensive Back, Keyon Webb, Georgia Military College: A very long, strong athlete with superior talent at playing defensive back. While he is a graduate, he should be on people’s radar. He made a nice interception during the 7v7 period.



The Rivals/VTO Sports Qualifier Camp Series was held on Saturday, Feb. 3 at Lake Mary High School, in Orlando, Fla. The event featured a "Combine" (Bench Press, Vertical Jump, 40-Yard Dash, Short Shuttle) and a "Camp" (Drills, 7vs7, 1vs1).

There were 10 individuals who qualified to be in the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp at Orlando's Centennial High School on Feb. 18. There were more than 100 athletes attempting to qualify.

Below are the details of the Rivals/VTO Sports Early Qualifier provided by the VTO staff:

Offensive line, Matt Lee, Haggerty High School, 2019: When you see him at 6-foot-4 and 285 pounds, it is hard to believe that he does not have any offers. We believe that will change as he gets his name in front of people at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp. He was asked what he would do at the camp and he said, "he hopes the defensive line is ready because he is going to ball out."

Running back, Makai Burris, Faith Christian Academy, 2020: This kid was solid all day especially during the period of blocking during 1on1's. He utilized his strength and speed to keep the blockers away from the QB. He was asked what he would do at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp and he said, "to get your ankles ready."

Quarterback, Sean Robles, Wekiva High School, 2019: He is a tall 6-5 prospect that has the potential to be special. His arm talent should benefit him well in the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp. He was asked about the camp and said he is going to "ball out" throwing TDs.

Linebacker, Landon Moody, Bloomingdale High School, 2019: This prospect is better positioned to play with his pads on. He did a great job on the bench press doing 22 repetitions and had a nice, short shuttle of 4.60. He will be ready for the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp, saying "The RBs today were very good, but I expect to be ready for them at Rivals 3 Stripe Camp."

Wide receiver, Jaquan Smith, Fort Pierce High School, 2020: He is a big 6-3 and smooth WR, 5-10-5 4.53. He does not drop balls. He saved his elite talent for the 1on1s, making big plays during the session. He is a man of very few words but had this to say to DBs hoping to cover him at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp, "I am a savage and I want the DBs to be ready."

Defensive back, Tredarious Langston, North Florida Christian, 2019: Another tall defensive back, 6-3 and very smooth, 4.59 in the shuttle run. We expect big things out of Langston. He covered tall WRs and some speedy WRs, making incredible INTs during 7on7 and 1on1. What does he expect at Rivals 3 Stripe Camp? "Ball out...get picks at the camp."

Defensive Line, Agelu Nunu, High School, 2020: He was asked what he expected from the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp and he said, "that the athletes attending the Rivals 3 Stripe event are ready to compete." This kid is a brute, bench pressing 185 pounds a record 41 times. While his bench press was impressive, the 6-foot-1, 320-pounder had the skills to back up his strength.

ATH, Adreal Johnson, Rockledge High School, 2019: An outstanding job of playing both positions. He could have easily won the DB or WR individual award. His speed (4.58 in the 40-yard dash) and quickness (4.34 Short Shuttle) was impressive. His expectations at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp, "be ready at the line of scrimmage because I am coming with my all."

WR, Russell Robinson, West Orange High School, 2019: Another athlete with all-around talent. He was an incredible WR, not dropping a ball that touched his hands. He was incredible to watch participate during 7on7 and 1on1. What does he expect? "Show up and show out at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp."

WR, Julius Gardner, Citrus High School, 2020: He is a young WR with an incredible ability to catch the ball in traffic. He will definitely be on the radar as people get to see what his ability is. What does he plan to do at the Rivals 3 Stripe Camp? He said he "will go hard and be ready to compete."

VTO Sports is excited about the Rivals/VTO Sports Early Qualifier event in Orlando. The next stop is Mobile, Ala., on Feb. 18. Get signed up today HERE.



Ten players showed off their athletic ability Sunday and earned spots in the upcoming Miami Rivals 3 Stripe camp. Rivals begins its 2018 season at Milander Stadium on Feb. 11 in Miami.

These 10 players earned spots at the VTO Qualifying Camp at Ted Hendricks High School: Offensive lineman Lance Hollins, cornerback Frankey Augustave, wide receiver Kevin Felder Jr., defensive end Khaya Wright, linebacker Kyle Van Putten Vink, quarterback Michael Neal, defensive back Corde St. Louis, wide receiver Michael McPhee, athlete Jadien Durant and DB/WR Paul Wynn.

VTO Qualifying Camps continue this Saturday in Orlando where more Rivals 3 Stripe Camp Series spots will be earned.