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VTech, MD offer OL

The offers are beginning to roll in for huge Midlothian (Va.) Clover Hill offensive tackle Blake DeChristopher. The 6-foot-6, 300-pounder holds two scholarships at this point according to Clover Hill head coach Sean O'Hare.
"He's got offers from Virginia Tech and Maryland," he said. "He's pretty open-minded about all the schools he hears from. I know he was very excited about the Tech offer and then Maryland came in the mail last week and he liked that one too.
"I believe he'll do what is right for him academically and athletically. I've talked to him and it sounds like he's not going to drag this decision out forever. Once fall comes we'll probably start cutting it down and do a favor for these coaches so everyone can move on."
Obviously DeChristopher has Division I size, but what else makes him stand out?
"The most exciting thing about him is that over the last couple year he has gotten more successful on the field and he feeds off of that and wants to get better," he said. "He actually will sit down and learn from film to improve.
"The other good thing is that he is continuing to develop. Last season he was playing around 260 or 270 and now is up to 300-pounds. He doesn't have a full beard yet and I don't think he's done growing. He is very big on his upper body and could easily put on 20-pounds without blinking. Besides that, he is a very good and level headed kid that comes from a solid family situation."
The Commonwealth lineman is not just a great football player, but also dominates on the track team.
"He is on people's radar for throwing the shot putt," O'Hare said. "Coaches have seen how explosive he is when he throws it because he tosses it 57-feet. With that, he also has very good feet and moves well."