Voytik continues solid week

MALIBU, Calif. - Chad Voytik wanted to come to the Elite 11 and prove he should be considered one of the top quarterbacks in the 2012 class.
Through two days, it has been mission accomplished.
"I expected to come out here and be one of the top guys," the Cleveland, Tenn., quarterback said Tuesday. "I'm confident in my abilities but it's also good to hear and it's good to hear the coaches agreeing.

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"I just wanted to show I can stick with the top national guys if not jump ahead of them. I like competing and I especially like going against some of the bigger names here."
Voytik, a 6-foot-1, 183-pound four-star prospect, can really fire the ball to receivers with a lot of zip on it or he can pull it back and put loft under his passes. He always seems to know exactly how to throw the ball and he's been one of the most consistent and most impressive quarterbacks so far.
He's also listening to camp counselor Trent Dilfer, a Super Bowl champion, so that can only help as well.
"I try to get in a rhythm," Voytik said. "If you think about it too much you're going to start guiding it and not throwing it as well.
"The big thing here, coach Dilfer said it, is putting skill on the ball. That's a big part of it. Hardly any of your throws are going to just be straight on a line when you get to the next level so that's important and I'm trying to do that as well."
Rivals.com rates Voytik as the sixth-best pro-style quarterback and No. 153 prospect in the 2012 class. The five quarterbacks ranked ahead of him are Gunner Kiel, Zach Kline, Zeke Pike, Connor Brewer and Tyler Matthews and an argument can be made that Voytik has been more consistent than all five so far.
Proving himself has been an important part of his time at the Elite 11 even though Voytik said he doesn't really follow recruiting news much.
"I hardly ever get on the sites," he said. "My dad likes to do that and he tells me every once in a while about players going to certain schools but I don't really follow it. I only focus on the schools I'm interested in."
That focus will turn much more serious soon after the Elite 11 because Voytik and his family are planning to spend a couple more days in Southern California to possibly make his college decision.
All signs in his recruitment point to Pittsburgh as his leader with Vanderbilt second and Mississippi State coming in third.