Vittatoe makes pick for UTEP

It appeared that Euless (Texas) Trinity quarterback Trevor Vittatoe was extremely close to making a commitment to Texas State just this past week, but his dad convinced him to take one more trip to UTEP. Apparently, that made things a lot clearer and easier to make his decision.
The 6-foot-3, 195-pound prospect returned from El Paso with his decision made and ready to go.
"I decided to go to UTEP," Vittatoe said about his decision. "I kind of did think I was going to go to Texas State, but my dad talked me into coming and it was a really good decision. I saw a lot of things that I didn't expect. It made me think back and I realized I had a better opportunity here than at Texas State."

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Vittatoe also liked the surroundings that he would be living in for the next four to five years.
"I like the offense, but what was really cool was that here there aren't as many distractions than there is at other places," Vittatoe said. "I would be able to focus on football most of the time that I'm here."
The Miner quarterback commit was being recruited by coach Tim Duffie and he said that there has been a solid relationship since not only the beginning of his senior year but going back to his junior season.
The coaches also told me how excited they were for him to compete.
"They said that it was excellent and they didn't promise a redshirt meaning that I could maybe play in some games," he said. "If not, I'll redshirt and start for four years."
"After all this, I'm done. This is where I'm going and I'm not taking any more trips."