Visits coming for 2017 ATH Hunter

To many, Devon Hunter is already a household name. The 2017 athlete out of Chesapeake (Va.) Indian River already has more than 15 offers and is poised to be one of the top players in his class.
While the offers are already piling up for Hunter, he hasn't done much research on some of these schools.
"I'm trying to take a lot of visits right now," said the 6-foot-2, 209-pound Hunter. "I've seen on these teams play on TV but I just don't know much about them. I need to go to more schools to see what it's like out there.

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"I'm looking forward to meeting a lot of coaches and players and seeing what it's like on campus," he said. "The campus life education and all the majors they have are really important too."
There are two schools Hunter said he might want to visit this offseason.
"This summer I would like to visit Clemson and Wisconsin," Hunter said. "I want to visit a few others but I'm not sure about which ones yet. N.C. State and Wisconsin on my newest offers."
Hunter has only taken one visit this summer.
"I visited Virginia Tech this off-season," he said. "It went really well and they treated me like family over there. Everybody knew who I was and it was really good. I might go back there too. I talked to coach Stinespring and coach Beamer over there."
A national powerhouse could be the next offer for Hunter
"Alabama has called my coach a few times," said Hunter. "I think they might be close to offering me."
Some of Hunter's other offers are Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, Kentucky and many others.