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Visit has not worn off

Desmond Sims, who is from New Madrid County Central High School in New Madrid, Missouri, said about his official visit last weekend to Arkansas: "I had a good time and it was real nice."
Facilities: "The campus and the facilities were good and they had good food, which was a real plus. The stadium was really nice and probably the best part, that I liked there."
Coaches: "The coaches were nice and friendly and said they liked to build a good relationship with their players, which I liked.
Dislikes: "As for dislikes, none stand out that I can remember."
He has offers from Missouri and Arkansas and they still remain his top two in consideration.  Missouri is scheduled for Dec. 7.
The 6-foot-2, 195 pound receiver had approximately 20 receptions for 620 yards scoring eight touchdowns at receiver and about 57 carries for over 500 yards and seven touchdowns as a tailback this past season.