Virginia, Virginia Tech battle for Brown

Linebacker Nekos Brown out of Waldorf (Md.) Thomas Stone has only received one offer during the recruiting season, but the 6-foot-3, 227-pounder certainly is making himself a more marketable prospect as he has gained about five pounds in the past few months.
"I'm gaining a lot of weight, I'm up to 227 pounds," he said. "I don't know how I'm doing it, I just am, and it might be partially due to being in the weight room six days a week."
Despite gaining weight, the linebacker prospect has retained his speed.
"I think I'm getting faster too," he said. "I'm working on improving my speed and stamina for next year as I'm looking to stay at inside linebacker."
With all the work he's putting in, Brown is looking to help Thomas Stone advance as far as possible next season.
"I'm just looking to play to the best of my ability and take my team as far as I can go," he said. "I don't have any statistical goals, I just want to be the best player I can be and help my team win."
During the evaluation period, the linebacker prospect heard from a number of schools including Virginia, Virginia Tech, Miami, Marshall, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Syracuse, Michigan State and North Carolina.
Did anyone impress the prospect?
"They are all pretty much saying the same thing, but the North Carolina coach wanted to know more about me as a person, not just as a player, so that was good," he said. "I also talked to coach Groh and it was nice to talk to him, he just told me to stay focused and he can't wait to have me on the team."
Does Brown have any favorites?
"I'd say Virginia and Virginia Tech are my top two," he said. "After them are North Carolina, Pittsburgh, Georgia Tech and Maryland.
"Virginia is the only school that has shown me a lot of love. They've been recruiting me since my sophomore year and they've done their research. I like how they go about with their recruiting. I also like the campus and the football program, and to graduate from UVA with a degree is big," he said. "I've always like Virginia Tech and when I went to the campus I really liked the atmosphere there. They are a good school and I really like their coaching staff."
What does Brown think about in-state school Maryland?
"Maryland is the school I'd hope to hear from at the beginning of the recruiting process, but when you don't, it affects you," he said. "I've only started to hear from them now, while Virginia I'm really comfortable with."
The linebacker prospect confirmed that he will definitely take official visits to both Virginia and Virginia Tech this fall.
This summer Brown plans to attend a summer camp at Virginia from June 26th-29th, he is also looking to attend one at Virginia Tech.
As for a decision, Brown is looking to get it done before the season starts.
"I'd probably like to do it sooner and get it out of the way," he said. "It's just because I can't wait that long, I'd probably like to do it before the season starts or at the beginning of the season."
The linebacker prospect posted 65 tackles, 48 for loss and seven sacks as he was named all-conference as a junior.