Virginia RB from 2009 has skills

Running back Deantwan Williams has a rare skill set for a rising junior. At 5-foot-7, 205 pounds, Williams runs the 40-yard dash in 4.5 seconds and is undoubtedly one of the strongest running backs you are likely to come across. The Woodbridge, Virginia prospect is going to be on the national recruiting radar in the coming months and it's easy to understand why.
"When I was at the National Underclassmen Combine I think I broke the record for bench press reps," Williams said. "I did 35 or 36 at 150 pounds so I was pretty happy with how I did.
"Other than that I just had a combine at Liberty High School this summer and a lot of ACC coaches were there to check everybody out. They couldn't talk to me but I know they talked to my coach, so there should be some schools that are interested. I'm sure I'll start hearing from some when they can begin to contact me."

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Williams has been working on beefing up while maintaining his speed this summer. Last year he played at 185 pounds but he will enter his junior season at a solid 205. He has a long history of playing football and that experience sets him apart from a lot of other backs.
"I started playing football when I was four years old," Williams explained. "I was always the fastest guy out there and my coaches just told me to go when I got the ball, nothing else. Then when I turned 10 or 11 and started playing Pop Warner, I met a coach who sort of took me under his wing and really taught me how to run. He saw my potential, my speed and everything, and he taught me how to run between the tackles and become a better running back. So now I feel like I can do anything."
Last season for Woodbridge, Williams rushed for 1,690 yards. He should be in line to break some records if he stays healthy over the next two seasons, as he has been a starter since his freshman season.
Williams admits he has not become too interested in colleges yet because it's so far off, but he does have a preliminary list of schools that he is interested in.
"You could say my favorites are Maryland, Auburn, Florida, Florida State, Penn State, Alabama, Tennessee and Virginia," Williams said. "I'm just going to be looking for a combination of things when I'm picking a school, but that's a long way off. I plan on visiting as many schools as I can as early as I can just to get a feel for these places."