Virginia LB still up in the air

Woodbrige (Va.) C.D. Hylton linebacker Ahmad Brooks has been making headlines since the beginning of the recruiting process. And he made news once again this week with a television interview.
In the interview, it came out to look like Brooks was leaning toward Virginia and wasn't interested in the other teams like Tennessee, Florida State, Penn State or Virginia Tech.
But Brooks said things came out wrong.
"I didn't actually say that stuff," Brooks said. "The reporter kind of asked me some funny questions and things didn't come out right.
"Things are still all even and all of them are sitting there with me."
All of them, including Tennessee, which is going to get an official visit this weekend. The Vols coach Phillip Fulmer was in home with Brooks last night, meeting the family for the first time.
"Coach Fulmer came in early," Brooks said. "It was an all right visit. It was a good chance to get to know him."
Brooks said things still remain even and after already visiting all of the schools except Penn State (Feb. 1) and Tennessee, he is going to take his time.
"It might be signing day," he said.