Virginia ATH would prefer offense

One of the top offensive prospects in Virginia could impact on either side of the ball. However, Chase Anastasio seems to prefer playing wideout and teams are more than willing to give him a chance.
"I'll play wherever, but offense seems to fit me the best," he said. "Even schools like Virginia Tech that were recruiting me for defense have now changed."
The Hokies had been ruled out of the race by Anastasio recently, but apparently they're right back in it.
"I'm not ruling out Virginia Tech," said Anastasio, a rangy 6-foot-2, 190-pound athlete. "I've scheduled two official visits so far and I know where I'm going on my third. Tech has a really good shot at getting one of my last two visits.
"One thing that kind of kept me away was their offense -- it didn't seem like a great place for receivers. But now they've faced teams that want to stop the run and they've passed pretty good. It's a little more attractive. They've talked about both cornerback and wide receiver with me but it's been more about offense lately."
Anastasio has set up trips to Notre Dame (Dec. 6) and Stanford (Dec. 20) thus far and knows he will take a trip to Charlottesville after Christmas (most likely Jan. 17) to see the Virginia Cavalierss. What schools are competing with Tech for either of his last two visits?
"I like Wake Forest's offense and they need some playmakers to take them to the next level. Ohio State is probably up there too. Anytime you have a Top 5 team showing interest in you it's nice. Penn State could get a visit, but I'm not sure. Between a few of the schools I've mentioned I'll take my visits."
Anastasio reportedly has offers to all of the schools he rates highly on his list. He has proven himself to be a capable wide receiver, cornerback and has even excelled at running back and safety. His athleticism should allow him to see the field early almost anywhere whether it's on offense, defense or special teams.
"It's hard to tell where most schools like me," said Anastasio. "Most of the coaches just like me for my athleticism and they say they'd put me where I'd fit best in their system after we worked a while."