Vincent still being patient

Thomas Vincent doesn't have any offers yet despite putting up huge numbers the last two seasons but the Seattle (Wash.) King's quarterback isn't too worried yet.
His senior film is just getting out and he's hopeful college coaches will take notice that he's a scoring machine in the Pacific Northwest.
"My stats weren't as good as they were last year but comparing the two films I can see a huge difference in my game from last year to this year," Vincent said.
"My arm strength is a ton better. The routes I throw, I'm hitting guys in stride and I'm scrambling a little bit more and I'm a lot faster. My senior film is a lot better than last year."
Topping his junior stats would have been tough.
Vincent finished with 2,584 passing yards and 41 touchdowns and 1,621 rushing yards and 21 scores last season. In his senior year, Vincent had 1,843 passing yards, 1,509 rushing yards and 51 total touchdowns. He threw only four picks this season.
Despite the mind-boggling numbers, Vincent's recruiting hasn't taken off. He said Montana and Washington have been in contact with his coach but that not many others are involved yet.
He hopes after coaches watch his highlight tape and other things fall into place that some programs could call. For now, Vincent is just sitting back and waiting without too much stress about the whole process.
"We've kind of blanketed a bunch of schools with film," Vincent said. "I've done that whole deal so we're just waiting to hear back.
"I'm sure these guys are pretty swamped with great athletes that they're getting. I think it's only a matter of time before I find a good school to go to. I'm not too worried about it yet. There are some nerves but I'm not worried about it."