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Vickers gives visit perfect 10

Houston Forest Brook running back Lawrence Vickers got a chance to see one of the Big 12's best games on Saturday on his official visit to Boulder. So what did the soft Colorado commitment think? Is he a soft pledge still?
"I don't know if I'm going to take any other visits now," Vickers said. "Colorado really wants me to not take the other visits so I can focus on the academics and pass the test.
"I'm starting to see their point."
But Vickers said at this point, he'll probably still visit Arkasnas on Nov. 30, Iowa on Dec. 7 and LSU later in December.
"I think if I handle the test preparation and our season, then I'll take the other trips," he said. "But at this point, I'd probably only say that I might maybe take the other visits. Well, I guess I'm maybe going to take them."
Vickers said he gave his visit to Boulder a "perfect 10." He said he was most impressed by the actual game itself - and the tons of food that he was fed on the visit.
"It seemed like every time we were going somewhere it was to go eat more," Vickers said. "That and the game were the best."
Vickers, who said he was the only recruit there on an official visit, said he did spend about 20 minutes talking with coach Gary Barnett.
"He was honest and up front," Vickers said. "He said he wants me to be a Buff 100 percent solid."