Versatile junior taking his time

During the summer, junior Myles Nash of Sicklerville (N.J.) Timber Creek showcased his versatility at several camps. At 6-foot-5 and 195-pounds, Nash impressed at the Penn State Nike Camp while working out at quarterback, but also did the same as a wide receiver at other events. Now during the 2011 season, he is also making an impression on the defensive side of the ball.
"My junior season is going great," said Nash. "I have about five sacks and a bunch of tackles. I have yet to play a lot of offense, but when I do I line up at tight end, wide receiver and quarterback. On defense I play outside linebacker and defensive end."
Nash has noticed a marked improvement from last season.

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"Last year I was around 160-pounds and I felt like people had their way with me a little too easily," said Nash. "So I dedicated myself to the weight room, joining a gym and eating right so that I can put on weight. I gained about 35-pounds. I honestly think I may have worked harder than anyone on my team this off-season and it's showing on the field."
College coaches have also noticed the improvement.
"I know that Rutgers, Syracuse, Vanderbilt, Florida and a couple of other schools are interested," said Nash. "I have yet to receiver any offers, and it gets frustrating, but I'm just going to keep working hard until they start to come around."
Nash has managed to stay busy during the summer and fall.
"I was down in Florida for Friday Night Lights and I also went to camp at Syracuse and Penn State," said Nash. "I've also taken visits to UConn and Rutgers. I've been to Rutgers for their opener against North Carolina Central and recently Penn State when they played Alabama."
Nash gave a little more insight on his two game experiences.
"I liked them both," said Nash. "It was great just being in the college atmosphere and seeing the fans rally around their team. To see the players feeding off their fans positive energy made me excited to play college football one day."
While Nash has stayed busy to this point, he will slow down his schedule for the remainder of the year.
"I'm just focusing on my season, trying to help my team and getting better," said Nash. "It's important for me to stay positive right now and focus on playing hard. Hopefully in that process someone will take a shot at me, but for now it's really not about me, it's about the team."
Nash realizes that one of his strong points is his versatility on the field.
"I'm being recruited as an athlete, so I have no idea what position I'm being recruited for," said Nash, who mentioned that he does have a preferred position for the next level. "I'm a quarterback, but if that's not where my offers come in at, then I'll have to change that."