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Vernon Davis changing visit schedule

Tight end Vernon Davis was scheduled to take a trip to West Virginia last weekend but that didn't happen. Now he's rescheduling his Virginia trip as well. Is he going to take any additional visits at all?
"Vernon was going to go to West Virginia last weekend but he had just gotten back from the All-Star game (in San Antonio) and was tired, so he didn't go," said the 6-foot-4, 220-pound tight end's grandmother. "I'm really not sure if he has rescheduled that visit or not.
"He was supposed to go to Virginia this weekend and that's not going to happen. He has a banquet to go to on Friday and he was talking about driving to Virginia after that anyways. I told him I thought he should just go another time, so that's probably what he's going to do. He had a basketball game Tuesday night and the Virginia coaches were there to watch, so maybe they got to talk. He'll probably go to Virginia on Jan. 31."
So if all of this comes together as it appears, Davis will visit Florida (Jan. 24) and Virginia (Jan. 31). He has already taken trips to Purdue and Maryland, and has visited UVA a number of times unofficially.
"Syracuse really wants him to come take a visit up there too," said Davis' grandmother. "They've really been begging him. They said he could come during the week or any time he wants, just so long as they can get him up there," she laughed.
While she did not say if Davis had a leader of not, she mentioned that he has been talking about two schools often. Maryland and Virginia have been his leaders for weeks.