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Verner returns from Oregon

Lakewood (Calif.) Mayfair athlete Alterraun Verner took an official visit to Oregon this past weekend and said the trip definitely gave him a lot to think about. Is his commitment to UCLA still solid or when the Ducks move in for the steal?
Verner, 5-11, 155 pounds is one of the top two way players in the region and could play receiver or defensive back in college. He's being recruited as a receiver by the Ducks and more as an athlete by UCLA with an emphasis on playing in the secondary.
"Oregon was an amazing visit," Verner said. "I've always heard a lot about the facilities and the great locker rooms but until you see all that up close, you really can't comprehend it. Seeing everything in person was just really eye opening for me.
"I love the way everything is set up there. You have the stadium right on campus and the weight room and locker rooms are all right there near by and the practice fields are right there too. I love how the stadium is set where the crowd is just right on top of the field and I heard Oregon is one of the loudest places to play anywhere in college football.
"I got in on Friday, checked in to the hotel and then met up with James Finley who was my host. He introduced me to a lot of the players there and showed me around town a little. We ate like crazy and then went out that night, that was basically my Friday.
"Saturday was very busy because we did all the tours and meeting that day. I saw the campus and talked to some of the academic people there. My major is still undecided right now but I'm looking at possibly doing something in pre-med. The academic advisers basically talked about student life and working with the tutors, things like that.
"Later in the day is when we saw the football stuff and I also spent some one on one time with Coach Belotti and the offensive coordinator, Gary Crowton. We watched some film of the offense and how they use the receivers. I liked it a lot because I think it plays to my strengths. They let the receivers work the routes a lot and leave it up to them to cut off a route or break it down the field depending on what look the defense is giving them.
"They give the player a lot of responsibility and that's something that I think is a strength of mine. Sunday we ate breakfast, I talked to the coaches a little more and then headed home. Right now, I have a lot to think about because Oregon really impressed me. I know going in to the visit, my commitment to UCLA was really solid but things are pretty close right now.
"I just have to sit down tonight with my family and talk everything over. Oregon wants to know what I'm doing pretty quickly here because they said there are other players they're waiting on so I told them I would let them know what I'm doing in a day or two. Like I said, right now, it's close and I'm just going to talk everything out with my parents and hopefully I'll know something by tomorrow."