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Vaughn still torn after Arkansas visit

A lot of people expected Vickiel Vaughn to have a pretty easy decision with his family ties to Arkansas. It's turned out to be exactly the opposite.
"I have no idea what I am going to do they are both such great situations for me," Vaughn said.
"I know the staff and the program at Arkansas, so well but at Oklahoma I'm so comfortable at would have a chance to step in and play where Roy Williams did."
Vaughn saw a lot of things in Fayetteville that he had mentioned needing to see.
"I saw the academic centers and they were great and all that they needed to be," he said. "I am going to take some time and talk with my family about what they think I should do. I also need to think to myself on what I feel is best for me and what is the best fit for me."
Vaughn said he hopes to take about a week and make his decision.