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Vaughn has done some re-tooling

Plano (Texas) West safety Vickiel Vaughn has done some major re-tooling on his list of favorite schools.
"You can officially mark off Oregon, Oregon State, Kansas, Oklahoma State, Texas, Northwestern and USC off," Vaughn said.
"I'm not interested in those guys anymore. I've added some new teams, though."
Those new teams for the 6-foot-1, 185-pound four-star prospect are, Notre Dame, UCLA, Michigan and Texas A&M.
However, Vaughn has a totally different list of schools that he plans on visiting officially.
"Notre Dame, Miami and West Virginia would be places that I would probably visit for sure at this point," Vaughn said.
"I had a date with West Virginia, but I have to change that because of a conflict. My father wants me to visit A&M and Oklahoma, and I'm also thinking about one of the Michigan schools for a trip."
What a tangled list of possible visits and potential favorites. So deep down is there a team to beat?
"No not really," Vaughn said. "I'm trying to keep it open."
There have been several reports that Arkansas might be the team to beat. When asked about that Vaughn did admit that his father's friendship with coach Houston Nutt could play a factor in the decision making process.
"Houston Nutt is his close friend, ok, they're like best friends," Vaughn said as he explained about how his father played with Nutt back in college.
"That friendship is strong, and my dad has his views and opinions. But he's also being great about it. That friendship is between him and Houston Nutt. I have to establish my own relationships with these coaches, but I also know that I can trust coach Nutt."