VAs Carter refocuses on football

Athlete Morgan Carter out of Woodbridge (Va.) C.D. Hylton just finished up his track season. With that behind him, the 6-foot-3, 197-pounder is focusing on football and recruiting.
"I just finished track and it went ok," he said. "I made it to the state and placed sixth in the discuss. I was pretty happy with it because I had been throwing it for a little while."
Now, Carter is ready for football again.

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"All of my focus is turning towards what camps I'm going to and then I've got a lot of conditioning to do for next season so I can lead my team to a state title," he said. "Right now I'm finalizing my list for what camps I'll hit. I still don't know exactly where I'm going."
Recently the Virginia athlete added a fourth offer to the table.
"I got a scholarship from Temple," he said. "Now I have ones from Temple, UConn, Michigan State and Rutgers.
"There are a few other schools talking about offering or verbals, but until I have it in my hand it's just words."
Carter claims that he is regularly hearing from programs including Stanford, Purdue, Syracuse, Boston College, Tennessee, Duke, Ohio State and Notre Dame.
Does anyone lead for him at this time?
"Not yet, everyone is the same, I'm just happy to have the offers," he said. "I'm just glad that one of at least those four schools I'll be able to get a free education."
Without a favorite, Carter is serious about what he's looking for in a college and has quite a few requests.
"I think first and foremost I'm going to look at the academic prowess. I want a strong academic background and a place that'll help the student-athlete with academic advisors, tutors, scheduling of my day and giving me a structured life. It's important for me to have the staff looking out for me," he said. "I also want a positive working environment and I'm looking for stuff like a winning attitude and stability. Even if the program isn't winning, I want the team that says they need me in order to turn the program around. Of course, I want community support too.
"The last question is if I get hurt and can't play another down of football, would I still want to be there. I'm looking for the complete package to maximize my college experience."
At this time, Carter is unsure when he'll make a decision.
"It's all up to my parents, coach and me when it feels right," he said. "It could be this summer during the season or the last day. It's just got to feel right."