Vanderdoes hearing from big program

Eddie Vanderdoes has already established himself as one of the top 2013 defensive ends in the West and that was only reinforced in the last few days now that USC is starting to show interest in the Placer, Calif., prospect.
"I got my first letter from them and they said they heard I was doing great things and they sent me a questionnaire to fill out about the recruiting process," Vanderdoes said.
Even though it's still early in the recruiting process, and the Trojans have just initially reached out, the 6-foot-4, 285-pound recruit is excited about the possibility of picking up an offer at some point.

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"I really like USC," Vanderdoes said.
"I like the program and I like the area down there in Southern California. They have a really good program, they're always sending players to the NFL and they always get the top recruits every single year. I just really like it down there. I'd definitely be interested if they offered."
So far, Oregon State and San Jose State have offered Vanderdoes, who's hearing from pretty much every Pac-12 school along with others across the country.
In three games this season he has about 12 tackles and three sacks. Vanderdoes missed last game because of a concussion but is expected back this weekend.
Because so many programs are interested in the Northern California defensive end, he said the recruiting process will be taken slowly to see which teams get involved over the next year.
"I'm taking my time," Vanderdoes said. "I'm just waiting for recruiting to pick up in November."
Over the next couple months, Vanderdoes said he's hoping to attend games at Oregon and Oregon State. He's not sure if getting to USC for a game this season is a possibility but he'll definitely be watching the Trojans more closely now.