UVa moves in front for Campbell

Rivals250 offensive tackle Bruce Campbell out of New Haven (Conn.) Hyde Leadership took his second official visit this weekend to Charlottesville. The 6-foot-7, 272-pounder got to spend a lot of time with the players on his trip to Virginia.
"I liked my visit a lot there, the players stood out," he said. "I was hosted by Eugene Monroe and he was a really cool guy that was a lot of fun to be around. He mostly just showed me around the school and we had a good time.
"I got there Friday and watched practice and for most of the rest of the trip I hung out with the players and got to know them. They were all really cool and fun. On Sunday I had breakfast and then I met with the coaches including Al Groh. It was good talking to him as he told me about my positions at offensive tackle and defensive end and how they'll try me out at both to see what I'm better at. Besides that he just talked about why I'm being recruited by UVa. I have to say coach Groh is a really cool guy and honest about things, he really kept it real."
The big news over the last week in college football has been the slew of departures from Virginia for other coaching positions. How has this affected Campbell?
"To tell you the truth, I understand that you can't base a school on the coaches," he said. "Coaches come and go and that's how I see it, so it doesn't really bother me."
Campbell rated his trip to Virginia a nine.
"The campus was excellent and great to walk around and then I also liked how everyone is so close like a family there. I felt like I fit right in," he said. "Compared to my Nebraska visit it was pretty even. I think I felt more comfortable at Virginia because I spent most of my time with the players, while at Nebraska I didn't get to as much since they had a game."
Next week the No. 20 offensive tackle in the country is headed up to Michigan State.
"I don't really know what to expect there, but I've always liked their program since I was a little kid. Growing up I really liked their mascot."
One other school Campbell grew up a liking was Maryland and he plans to take an official visit there on January 13th. The No. 1 prospect in New England confirmed that he'll probably make a decision within a couple days after that visit.