UVA commitment looking around

Salem, N.J. linebacker LaMont Robinson committed to Virginia back in June to the surprise of some who thought he'd be making a few official visits before he made his decision. Despite being committed, it seems Robinson is still going to take some trips after all.
"I was at the Maryland-Florida State game this weekend and it was a great time," said the 6-foot-2, 220-pounder. "What a great atmosphere that was and for all three of the Florida schools to lose in the same weekend, that's crazy."
Robinson, ranked as the No. 9 outside linebacker in the country, was on an unofficial visit and hasn't set any officials yet.

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"I'm still happy with my Virginia commitment and I'm sure they wouldn't be pleased if I took official visits," he said. "But Maryland was one of the schools I was big on before I committed to Virginia so I wanted to take a look. I'm still pretty solid to Virginia and I will be at the Virginia-Maryland game this weekend, but I might check out some other places as well."
Like what places?
"I might look at Maryland again and take in a game at Rutgers or Syracuse, places that are close," he said. "If I decide to take official visits, it will be to schools far away like Georgia, Oklahoma, places like that. I'll know after the season about that."
Robinson's team is currently 5-2 and he's played the last two games after a serious neck injury following a car crash this summer.
"The first game back I played mostly special teams," he said. "I played a little on offense and defense, but not much. I had six tackles, forced a fumble and on offense I ran three times for three third-down conversions."
The next game was business as usual.
"I had 10 tackles, recovered a fumble and scored two touchdowns and two 2-point conversions," he said. "It felt good to be back full strength. The first hit in my first game back was a nervous one, but after that it was business as usual."
Robinson still talks to the Virginia coaching staff every week and will talk to them this weekend on his unofficial trip to see them play Maryland. Could this be an on-field battle for the linebacker?
"Nah," he laughed. "I like both teams and all, but I'm still a Virginia commitment. I'm just making sure I made the right choice."