Utes lead for Correa

Turns out, all it took to the kill off some of the mystery surrounding the race to land three-star defensive tackle Kamalei Correa was a trip to Salt Lake City. On Tuesday, less than 48 hours after the high school senior wrapped up his official visit to Utah and retuned to his home Hawaii, he shared a pecking order.
It's nice when things are simple, and that's the case here.
According to Correa. The Utes lead the pack, Boise State stands in what he called a "close second" and Oregon State runs behind in a distant third. Coming off of his official visit to Utah, Correa said naming a leader was easy. His unwavering wide-open stance is officially a thing of the past.

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"I loved everything about Utah," he said on Monday. "I have no bad things to say about it. It's an awesome place.
"The thing that stands out to me is the coaching staff. They're just great people. They're honest and upfront. Nice new stadium and the crowd is loud. As of now, they're on top."
Of course the possibility of a late shakeup looms. Correa is set to visit second-running Boise State on Nov. 15. That weekend will serve as the start of the homestretch. With no other trips currently on the schedule, the Broncos could very well be the final hurdle between the St. Louis High School tackle and a pledge to Utah.
Either way, the Broncos are playing from behind.
"I know they have a good thing going over there at Boise," Correa said. "They have a good coaching staff and have been doing some good things the last couple years. It's a program I really want to check it out. I want to see what they have to offer."
It's unclear whether or not Oregon State, which rounds out Correa's top three, will even receive a visit. The level of interest from either party isn't certain. For now, and for whatever reason, the Beavers are kicking around as an afterthought.
"I might hit up Oregon State the weekend after Boise, but I'm not too sure," Correa said.
Correa helped his St Louis High School team to a 5-5 overall record this season.