USC visit change things for Peterson

The nation’s No. 1 player is back from his third official visit. So after tripping to USC this past weekend and also checking out UCLA and Arkansas on previous visits, what’s the latest on Adrian Peterson of Palestine, Texas? Does he have a leader still and what did he think about his time in Los Angeles?
When asked how he would describe his visit, Peterson, who is 6-foot-2 and 210 pounds, used one word over and over and over – family.
“It was like a big family,” Peterson said. “I really enjoyed my time talking with the coaches and players. They stressed how close-nit they are and how they are all there to lean on when they have problems or things they want to talk about.
“That’s something I really enjoyed.”
But it wasn’t the only thing.
Peterson said he was wowed again like he was with UCLA when it came to the whole atmosphere in Los Angeles.
“It was crazy,” Peterson said with a chuckle. “It was the best trip that I’ve taken so far. There is just so much for you to do and have fun at. The environment is incredible.”
Was it incredible enough to push Oklahoma from No. 1 on his list?
“Oh no, Oklahoma is still my favorite team,” Peterson said. “I would put USC second after the visit for sure, but I really like Oklahoma a whole lot. Coach Stoops and Coach Wyatt are recruiting me, and it’s kind of cool to have a great relationship with the head coach.
“I’ve also been up there a bunch of times for visits. It’s a different setting that the other schools that I’ve been too. They’re really serious about football in Oklahoma, and they have it all. They’re winning, they have great facilities and the coaches are great too.”
Peterson is now scheduled to visit Miami on December 5 and Oklahoma on December 12. He said he still also talks to LSU, Texas A&M and Texas when they call but at this point with only two trips left and two scheduled, he’s not sure how he’s going to fit them in.
“I’m mainly focused on Oklahoma, USC, Miami, Arkansas and then a little bit on UCLA and Texas,” he said.
Peterson finished his senior season with 2,960 yards on 252 carries, averaging 11.7 yards a rush. Combine that with the 2,051 yards he had as a junior and he’s rushed for 5,011 yards in two seasons.