USC gets ball rolling with Mike

Tucson (Ariz.) Sabino tackle Andrew Mike has his share of scholarship offers. There are 12 of them to be exact. Arizona and Arizona State are on the list. So is California. Vanderbilt is in there, too.
The four-star prospect's recruitment hit a bit of a snag early in the spring, though. It may have been due to injury and it may have been due to track. The reason doesn't really matter, as that lull seems to be over now.
On Wednesday, things picked back up when USC assistant coach Tommie Robinson showed up at Mike's high school and handed him a business card. Apparently, things moved quickly from there.

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"I called him, like he told me, tonight, and he told me about an offer at USC," Mike said. "He told me what they like about me and tried to get me all set up for a trip out there."
The bulk of Wednesday's conversation concerned the business of an unofficial visit. Mike was invited to a USC team camp in June and expects to accept the invitation. That said, the offer from the Trojans hasn't catapulted the program to forefront of Mike's recruitment, as is the case on some other occasions.
Instead, he's treating USC like all the schools that have come before it. There's research to be done.
"It's just another option, but I really want to take a look at it more and get to the campus and everything," Mike said. "Hopefully, I'll do that in June but it depends on my high school team's schedule."
"I know they have a long tradition of winning football."
The only other trip on Mike's agenda is a trip to Notre Dame, when his Sabino squad makes the trip to South Bend for a passing league and big-man challenge this summer. Other than that, his focus remains on his upcoming senior season.
According to Mike, both Stanford and Michigan State have ramped up the pursuit in recent weeks. He says each could be close to making things official with a scholarship offer. That said, he declines to name frontrunners of any sort or place a timetable on his decision.