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USC commit not swayed after trip

Chris Hawkins said he had an outstanding time on his Washington visit this past weekend but the Rancho Cucamonga, Calif., four-star cornerback remains solidly committed to USC.
"The visit was great but USC is the school I want to go to," Hawkins said.
"I have a good relationship with the coaches and I'm still 100 percent committed to USC. I'll go check out the other schools but I feel USC is the place for me."
It will be tough to sway Hawkins away from the Trojans but he said his time at Washington was fun and impressive.
The Huskies upset Stanford on Thursday night, Hawkins got a chance to spend some time with friends and overall it was an enjoyable experience.
The only issue is that the four-star seems dead set on sticking with USC so convincing him to switch his commitment is going to be difficult.
"The trip was great," Hawkins said. "I had a good time. My host was Brandon Beaver and I've known him for a long time. It was me, Jermaine Kelly and Johnny Johnson and we got along well. We laughed a lot.
"The trip was fun. We got to see a great environment in the stadium and all the fans were crazy. The fans were calling our names before the game so it was a lot of fun. I had a great time with the players and the coaches."
During the trip, Hawkins and the other recruits got to see the new stadium being built and what the Huskies will offer in terms of facilities. It was definitely a memorable part of his visit.
"The other half of the stadium is being built right now," Hawkins said. "The stands are up and it should be done soon. They said the recruiting class that goes this year should be able to play on it once they get there."
Hawkins plans to visit Notre Dame in mid-October for the Stanford game and he's set his Arizona State trip for later that month when UCLA visits.
An official visit to USC might be difficult to set up since the Trojans should be playing for a while and Hawkins plans to be an early enrollee so the timing might not work out.
"I'll probably be done after those visits," Hawkins said. "My dad told me we can't take the USC visit until after the season so I probably won't be able to take one of those anyway because I'm an early grad and they won't be done playing until January."