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USC-Cal battle brewing for Calis top TE

We had a chance to watch the first half of Rolling Hills Estates (Calif.) Peninsula's game last Friday and came away very impressed with two way standout Erik Lorig. Lorig, 6-4, 250 pounds is easily one of the most versatile players in the West and has the talent to potentially play as many as five or even six positions in college.
Lorig is best known as the top tight end on the West Coast but he's equally as dominant on defense. With his size and growth potential, Lorig could play either tackle or end in college. Along with tight end, we think he could also blow up in to an offensive lineman if needed or lose a few pounds and be a bulldozing fullback type. He also has the athleticism to even play some linebacker, his high school position, although probably not at the high Div I level since he may not have the overall quickness but you get the point, he's a major talent.
Lorig returned an interception 80 yards for a touchdown on Friday and was active throughout. He's a dominating blocker at tight end and covers a lot of ground on defense.
"I'm getting recruited at a lot of different positions," Lorig said. "My top two are still USC and Cal. USC is actually recruiting me at several positions. Coach Carroll said he likes me as a fullback/tight end and coach Orgeron wants me to play on the defensive line. He said he sees me as another Shawn Cody type. I'm the same size he was in high school and I don't have a problem playing on the line. Cal likes me strictly as a tight end. I really have no preference in where I play.
"The position I'm being recruited at will have no factor in my decision. I'm just going to pick the school I think is best for me and right now, it's very tough to decide. USC is close to home, they're a winning program and I likes the coaches a lot. Cal is also winning, I like their coaches as well and I have three good friends on the team. Plus my dad went there so there's a lot of things to think about."
Lorig attended the USC-Colorado State game last Saturday and was getting the red carpet treatment in the winning locker room afterwards.
"They showed me a lot of love," Lorig said. "Every coach took me aside at different times and told me how they much they want me there. It was pretty cool, there was a lot of recruits there but they spent all that time with me, it made me feel like I was a huge priority."
Michigan is also in the mix and Lorig could visit but it definitely sounds like this one will be a USC-Cal battle all the way.