USC back on top for Gable

Sylmar (Calif.) athlete C.J. Gable has been a longtime lean to USC since back in the Spring. The running back visited Cal last week and the Bears definitely gave him something to think about but after visiting the Trojans this past weekend, it looks like he'll be staying close to home.
Gable, 5-11, 185 pounds is one of the top backs in the nation but can also play anywhere in the secondary as well. He took an earlier visit to Mississippi and it sounds like he could be ready to make his decision by the end of the month.
"Yeah, USC is my leader again," Gable said. "They're on top right now. I had a great trip and really enjoyed hanging out with Coach Carroll. All my trips were cool but this was the first visit I took where the head coach actually went on all the tours with us. He was there when we saw the academic stuff and went in to some of the classrooms.

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"He was there when we checked out the football facilities and was at the dinners with us. I like him a lot, he's like one of the guys on the team. It was also fun being at the practice and seeing how fast everyone plays. It's definitely a different level of football from high school. Here, everyone can run and the speed of the game is like night and day from high school.
"On Sunday, I got a chance to sit down with Coach Carroll and discuss my role on the team and how they see me. He said he's still not sure where they would play me but said he just wants me to come and they'll find a place for me.
"I know I can play running back or defensive back and he said right now, he just likes me as an athlete. I don't know if it will be about who else they sign but I really don't care where I play in college. I'm fine on either side of the ball and that won't be a big factor for me. Before I left, he was kind of joking around with me about getting me to commit but I still want to wait a little bit.
"Right now, I think it would be cool to commit during the CaliFlorida Bowl but it's not sure. The game is coming up at the end of the month though and I think I should be ready to make my choice by then so we'll just see what happens."