Updated Midwest Major 50

Some things stay the same, while others change.
Such is the case in Big Ten country with our post-season Midwest Major 50.
Much of our list looks similar to the one we did at the beginning of the season, but there have been some significant changes, too.

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The top of our rankings looks the same as it did early in the season with Ohio defensive back Ted Ginn Jr. (right) leading the way and Pennsylvania quarterback Anthony Morelli right behind. The only changes in our top ten were Fred Davis moving up from number eight to number five and Kyle Mitchum moving from 10 up to nine.
Much of the rest of our top 50 stayed fairly close to what it was at the beginning of the season too.
But there were a few big changes. Ryan Baker moved up from number 37 to number 26 and Devon Lyons made an even bigger jump from number 43 to 27.
There were also some additions to our Midwest Top 50. Vernon Gholston had a very good senior season and is now the number 32 prospect on our list. Tim Jamison is another newcomer, now ranked number 35.
Erik Haw had a spectacular senior season, rushing for over 3000 yards, and is now our number 40 prospect in the Midwest. Two other additions to our list are Kellen Freeman-Davis (right) and Marcus Randle El.
Both have plenty of very good scholarship offers on the table.
Our post-season Midwest Top 50 is a star studded group with plenty of depth. College football fans will be watching many of these players develop into stars at the next level over the next few years.
And in particular, many of the names on our list will become very familiar to Big Ten fans over the next three or four seasons.