Update: DE/TE Will Paul

Things are picking up more for Missouri defensive end Will Paul, as he now has gotten his third offer with more on the way.
He had offers from Kansas, Kansas State and now Missouri
"They will let me pick my position and they will be behind me on what position I want to play," Will Paul said about the position that Missouri is looking for him to play.

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He will end up at either tight end or defensive end in college.
Who is sending the most mail right now?
"It is probably between Wisconsin, Iowa, Kansas State, Oregon is sending me a bunch of stuff. Clemson just started sending me stuff this week. Notre Dame sent me some stuff. I just started to get something from Nebraska."
Before he had Kansas, Kansas State, Illinois, Florida State, Arkansas and Mississippi State as his top schools, but "that would be expanded now, as Mizzou is in there now and Notre Dame and Nebraska."
"I am not counting anybody out."
However: "If I was going to take visits now, I would probably take them there (above schools), because I have gotten more mail from them and more attention than anybody else."