Up and at it: RB has strong work ethic


It’s 4 a.m. in Tampa, Fla. Not a thing is stirring except for the birds searching for the morning sun or early commuters heading off to work. The last person you think about being up that early is a high school football player – think again. That’s because Tampa Jefferson running back Rashaun Grant is already up and at it.
Up and at it and continuing to transform himself into an even better player than he already is.
Grant was selected to the all-county team by rushing for 936 yards and 22 touchdowns as a junior. He also accumulated 400 yards receiving and recently was named to the Rivals100 team.
But all of those accolades don’t mean a thing because Grant gets up every morning at 4 a.m. to workout with his teammate Josh Balloon.
“We hit Bally’s five days a week at 4 a.m.,” Grant said. “We’re usually there by ourselves and we get the workout in and out of the way. It’s just one of the little things that I do to help make myself better.”
It’s scary to think, but Grant can get better.
The 5-foot-11, 190 pound all-purpose back is already one of the nation’s top players and he’s playing on one of the nation’s top high school programs. But it’s still not good enough.
“I feel like I belong with the other top players, but I’m never satisfied,” Grant said. “I’m excited to be in the top 100 because I’ve worked hard and practiced a lot. I’m playing football year round and it’s paying off, but I still have some work to do. That’s why I’m up every morning working out.”
When he’s not working out or doing football related things, Grant said he could not help but think about the recruiting process. It’s process that has allowed Grant to earn scholarship offers from Florida State, Tennessee, Georgia Tech, Northwestern, Connecticut, North Carolina, West Virginia, Clemson, USF, Michigan State, Indiana, Kansas, Auburn and Oklahoma and also gain interest from Miami and Florida.
At this point, he said Auburn, Florida State, Tennessee, Oklahoma, Miami, Florida and Northwestern are high on his list.
“Those are my top teams,” Grant said. “I was recently at the Auburn camp. I had a really great time. I liked the one-on-one drills. There were a lot of good linebackers. They couldn’t stick with me.”
He will also attend the Georgia Tech and Florida State camps later in July and he’s already identified a few things that he’ll look at when it comes time to for a decision.
“I want to win,” he said. “I also want to major in business and make some money.”
And he’s already got the right work ethic to help him be a success both on and off the field.