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Under Armour analysis: White team stars

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LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla.– recruiting analyst Jamie Newberg breaks down some of the top performers from Wednesday's White squad practices at the Under Armour All-American Game.
Under Armour All-American Game White Team Standouts: Wednesday
QB Moses Alipate, 6-5/230, Bloomington (Minn.) Jefferson
ASSETS: A pro-style quarterback with great size and a good arm.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to throw with better accuracy under duress. He was terrific against air but was inconsistent in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: Has very good arm strength with the ability to throw the deep out with authority and can throw with touch when needed.
CONCLUSION: In this setting he needs to get in a better rhythm with his receivers and find his comfort level in the pocket.
QB Matt Barkley, 6-3/226, Santa Ana (Calif.) Mater Dei
ASSETS: A classic drop back passer with an above average arm strength.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Like the other quarterbacks here, he needs to find his comfort level. He was inconsistent with his throws in day one.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: Threw well early on and made some very nice long passes in 7-on-7 and 11-on-11.
CONCLUSION: At times showed why he was once the top prospect in the country and at other times he threw with inconsistency. As the week progresses it will be interesting to see how well he meshes with his receivers and this offense, so he can really showcase his skills as a quarterback.
DT Gary Brown, 6-3/275, Quincy (Fla.) West Gasden
ASSETS: Quick off the ball and into the gaps with good athleticism.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to get bigger and learn to play with more technique.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: Had some shining moments in one-on-one drills with a great swim move. He also got penetration in 11-on-11.
CONCLUSION: Brown looked like the top player on the White team defensive line in Wednesday's practice.
WR Marlon Brown, 6-5/205, Memphis (Tenn.) Harding Academy
ASSETS: Terrific size, good speed and excellent athleticism.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to show more consistency with his hands and learn to be a better route runner.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: Made some plays in 11-on-11, running short patterns on outs and slants.
CONCLUSION: Brown does things with the ball that someone his height shouldn't be able to do. With better route running and better concentration he should become a force.
TE Ra'Shede Hageman, 6-6/251, Minneapolis (Minn.) Washburn
ASSETS: Giant tight end prospect with good athleticism.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to be more consistent in catching with his hands rather than the letting the ball get to his body.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: The big fella moves well for his size and made some good grabs in coverage.
CONCLUSION: Hageman is a good looking traditional tight end prospect that can block and catch.
WR Logan Heastie, 6-2/192, Chesapeake (Va.) Great Bridge
ASSETS: Nice combination of size and speed, with the ability to get deep.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to improve his route running on the short and intermediate patterns to match his downfield skills.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: Was the most consistent receiver on the White team, with only one drop during the first practice.
CONCLUSION: Heastie is a big play threat that will be challenged all week against very good defensive backs, both in practice and during the game. He should be a great fit in the West Virginia offense.
DE Sam Montgomery, 6-4/230, Greenwood (S.C.)
ASSETS: Explosive off the ball and a terrific edge pass rusher.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Undersized at defensive end and looks more like a linebacker. Also needs to work on his technique because he makes a majority of his plays with his speed.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: Tough to handle for any OL in one-on-one drills because of his superior speed.
CONCLUSION: It will be interesting to see how he develops over the next few years because right now he looks like a "tweener" between outside linebacker and defensive end. He's listed at 6-foot-4 and 230 pounds but looks more like 6-foot-3 and 215 pounds.
TE Morrell Presley, 6-4/215, Carson (Calif.)
ASSETS: Athletic, pass catching tight end prospect that runs well and has good hands.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Lacks the size of a traditional tight end and you wonder just how much bigger he can get at the next level.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: Runs good routes and consistently beat several defenders.
CONCLUSION: Like Orson Charles, Pressley is more of a flex tight end prospect or big receiver. He was impressive and athletic on day one.
RB Trent Richardson, 5-11/215, Pensacola (Fla.) Escambia
ASSETS: Has a monster's size and looks more like 225 to 230 pounds, having a rare combination of great size, good speed, quickness and power.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Has good speed but could always get faster. He could also work on blocking, which he will be asked to do in pass pro at the next level.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: Took a pitch on a sweep, outraced Ronnell Lewis to the corner and flattened cornerback C.J. Barnett. He also showed quickness in the hole and the ability to change direction in limited touches.
CONCLUSION: Richardson is one of those guys that you just want to see get more touches in an event like this because of his ability to make a play. He should be a perfect fit in the Alabama run game.
CB Branden Smith, 5-11/171, Atlanta (Ga.) Washington
ASSETS: Blazing speed and good cornerback skills.
AREAS FOR IMPROVEMENT: Needs to get a little bigger and stronger.
WHAT WAS MOST IMPRESSIVE IN PRACTICE: Showed very good cover skills, matching up well with everyone. He gave up size to Alshon Jeffrey on one fly route but ran stride for stride with him and had a nice pass breakup on the play.
CONCLUSION: Smith can matchup with just about anyone. His speed and quickness are outstanding. It will be fun to watch him go one on one with speedy and quick receivers like Andre Debose and Nu'Keese Richardson on Sunday night.