UNC, Tech latest to offer Texas OL

Ft. Bend (Texas) Hightower offensive tackle Tyrone Byrd knows that he’s one of the nation’s better offensive tackles and he also knows that he’s going to get hammered by calls in the month of May. But why hasn’t he talked to a lot of coaches?
“Well, we’ve been in spring practices,” Byrd, who is an impressive 6-foot-5 and 252 pounds, said. “Coach has been keeping us late. We have a new line coach, and he’s changing the steps to help us out.
“It’s still our base package, but now we’re working hard on the little things. I’ve been staying and helping the guys out with that.”
And as anybody with a good football IQ knows, the first steps that an offensive lineman takes are vital.
“Those first steps are so important,” Byrd said. “It’s how you win or lose the battle.”
Even though, he’s been busy he still has talked to a few coaches.
“I’ve talked to LSU and North Carolina,” he said. “I gave a lot of the coaches my mom’s number, so they’ve been bugging her and talking to her a lot. But I liked what I heard from LSU and North Carolina.”
Byrd already had a handful of offers from Iowa, LSU, Oklahoma State and UCLA, but he said you can add two more to the list now.
“Texas Tech called and offered me late last week,” he said. “North Carolina’s coaches also told me that they were offering me, so that was cool.”
Byrd said he’s not in any kind of rush to make a decision at this point.
“I’m still very open,” he said. “There are just so many different schools that I like and that like me.”