UNC could solidify Houston this weekend

After John Bunting's release for North Carolina, running back Ryan Houston opened things back up. Although it may be short lived as a visit this weekend to Chapel Hill may very well solidify the 6-foot-2, 245-pounder's commitment back to the Tar Heels according to his head coach Mike Newsome.
"I don't know for certain, but I'm confident he'll stick with his original commitment to North Carolina," Matthews (N.C.) Butler head coach Mike Newsome said. "I'm pretty sure he'll solidify his commitment this weekend on the trip.
"I know he has told coach Thigpen he's going there. I do know he was hurt by the fact they didn't keep on his recruiter, Dave Brock, but he's developed a relationship with coach Thigpen and likes him a lot. He's also met Butch Davis and likes what he's done with running backs in the past at Miami."

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Newsome believes there was only one other school that could have stolen the four-star prospect away.
"I think the coaching change at North Carolina really sparked his interest again in Louisville," he said. "Then their coaches left and it just wasn't enough time for him to make a relationship there."
At the moment, Houston still has an official visit scheduled to North Carolina State on January 26th.