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Umeh still looking at same schools

Klein (Texas) Forest defensive end McCollins Umeh continues to be one of the most recruited players in the Lone Star State.
“I think McCollins is really focusing on his football this year first,” Forest coach Gene Johnson said. “He has plenty of schools calling and writing him, but he’s really managed to keep it aside and focus on what he needs to do on the field.”
Johnson did not think the 6-foot-3, 240-pound Umeh had narrowed his choices down much.
“I don’t think he’s ruling anyone out,” Johnson said. “He’s still looking at a lot of the same schools that have been there all along.”
That list includes Texas, Tennessee, Florida, Kansas State, Oklahoma State and Oklahoma.
“He’s not favoring anyone either,” he said. “I think he is interested in finding out as much as he can about these schools so he can make the best choice. I don’t know of any visits he has set at this time. I would imagine he’ll do that when the season is over.”
Umeh has made a mark on his coach, who wishes he didn’t have to find a way to replace him next year.
“He’s been a great player for us,” Johnson said. “He’s always around the ball and involved in the play. He’s not the type of player who is going to be replaced easily.”