Ulu-Perry bides his time.

Fred Ulu-Perry isn't certain about a lot as it relates to his recruitment. He plans to attend Nike's Opening this summer, but that's the only travel written into the Honolulu St. Louis High School center's schedule. Campus visits will have to wait until the fall.
The distance makes things difficult, but there's no urgency here. Ulu-Perry sees no reason to rush his decision or fund his own visits. That means a verbal commitment isn't likely to come until winter at the earliest.
"I'm waiting for my senior year, so I can take my official visits," Ulu-Perry said. "I'm not doing anything before that."

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Eventually, Ulu-Perry's list will be narrowed down to five. But, at least as of now, there are plenty of schools involved in his recruitment. His offer list is likely to grown this spring. New interest continues to arrive.
"It's still the same eight offers from the same eight schools," Ulu-Perry said. "I'm still just talking to Ole Miss and Oklahoma. I'm building relatioships with those coaches. I just started talking to Duke about two weeks ago. That's probably the newest thing.
According to Ulu-Perry, some schools are recruiting him harder than others. He names no favorites in the process. In fact, he goes out of his way to avoid doing so, saying no school has secured a spot in his final five as things stand now. Still, he's in more frequent contact with some coaches than he is with others.
"Kansas and Washington State, I'm always on the phone with them. Coach Joe (Salave'a), the defensive line coach from Washington State, I talk to him a lot and he passes the phone around so I can talk to everybody over there. And Coach Jeff Blasko from Kansas. I always talk to him and the head coach over there, too. I definitely talk to those two the most. They're always on me. I talk to them every day. Oklahoma, too. I always talk to Oklahoma's offensive line coach."
The list of things Ulu-Perry is looking for out of a college program is familiar. There's little unique about his list of wants. Still, the 310-pound prospect has a solid idea of the forces that will drive his eventual decision.
"Someplace that I can get a great education, but I don't know what I want to study. It will be easier when I know what I want to study. I don't mind adapting to the weather because everything is different than Hawaii. Also, my O-line coach. I need to have a great relationship with him."