Ugoh ready to get visits started

Tony Ugoh of Spring (Texas) Westfield lost last weekend in the state playoffs and now his visits are being set up.
And there are three schools that are for sure visits.
"I go to Oklahoma this weekend," Ugoh, who is 6-foot-6 and 295 pounds, said. "Then I'm going to Arizona on Jan. 11 and Arkansas on Jan. 18. I don't know if I'll take any other visits or not.
"I still have that last weekend in January if I do decide on another visit."
Ugoh said he's really growing a liking to the coaches recruiting him.
"Coach Wright from Oklahoma is a cool guy," Ugoh said. "He cracks me up. I also like coach Ianello from Arizona. He's smooth and knows all the right things to say.
"Coach Lee from Arkansas is also a great guy. I think he's really down to earth, too. That helps."
When asked if he has a leader, Ugoh said things haven't changed much. So does that mean that Oklahoma holds a slight lead?
"You can say that," Ugoh said. "I still would like to take my trips and see how things work out."