Ugoh like a fine wine

Spring (Texas) Westfield offensive tackle Tony Ugoh has shot up the recruiting charts and for good reason – he looks like a man and he plays like one too. But there is so much more to Ugoh that makes him a potential future star.
The first thing you notice about Ugoh is his size.
There is no questioning his 6-foot-6, 275-pound frame.
In fact, he might even be heavier now at this point than he was earlier this summer when evaluated him in person at a few camps.
Ugoh has definitely worked hard throughout the season and in the earlier summer months because his biceps and legs are much more muscular than what they were six months ago – and that’s a great sign that he’s finally starting to fill out into his massive frame.
And that’s probably the biggest thing that jumps out about Ugoh – his massive frame. Seeing him walk around in a uniform you can imagine what it’s going to be like to see him three or four years down the road after he’s been in a college weight program.
Then look at Ugoh’s arms. They have to be some of the longest arms that has seen in a little while.
Point blank, Ugoh has a body that’s built to pass block.
Watching him last Friday night against Lufkin, it was clear that pass blocking is Ugoh’s forte. He was able to use those long arms to lock out defenders easily and his pass protection technique was amazingly solid.
He did get beat one time on a speed rush, but he also learned from the mistake and wasn’t beaten on the outside rush the rest of the game.
The one thing that was a little disappointing was in the running game, or lack of one for Westfield.
Ugoh did get off on his blocks well, but they also had him scoop blocking quite a bit and running up field to attack defensive backs – but most of the time Lufkin’s quick attacking linebackers were up field already making a tackle.
It wasn’t Ugoh’s responsibility to get the linebackers, but it was just odd that Westfield didn’t run behind him much on running plays – including the final play of the game.
That was when Westfield ran a dive play up the middle on fourth-and-one instead of taking it off left tackle behind Ugoh. The rusher was stopped inches from the first down, even though Ugoh pancaked his man and the back would have gotten a first down behind him.
All in all, there are plenty of things to get excited about Ugoh, who has trips to Oklahoma, Arizona and Arkansas set.
He’s just like a fine wine.
He’s going to only get better and better with age, experience and time to blossom.