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Ugoh is down to two

Spring (Texas) Westfield offensive lineman Tony Ugoh is back from Florida State and it looks like he's down to basically two teams.
"It was all right," Ugoh said when asked about his visit to FSU. "I guess I didn't like it as much as my other trips. I want to have my decision between my teams on Wednesday."
So who are his teams?
"It's basically Oklahoma and Arkansas," Ugoh said. "I've eliminated Arizona and I just told you what I thought about Florida State."
Ugoh said coaches from Arkansas and Oklahoma are expected to be by his house on Monday or Tuesday. Ugoh was also asked about the reports and rumors that he was a silent commit to Arkansas.
"I saw that on the Internet," Ugoh said. "That stuff cracks me up. I've also read that I was committed to Florida State and Oklahoma, too."
Ugoh - as he always does - isn't tipping his hand and doesn't claim a leader.